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PM Effect !

PM Effect !

 Impact of PM & SEBI !

Here in 'PM' the letter P stands for P-Notes while M stands for Mauritius-India tax-treaty.

These along with SEBI meeting to be held on 20May 2016 have badly disturbed the ongoing sentiments of the Indian share market and has caused a considerable loss to the traders.

Lets go through these & try to analyse the matter impartially and patiently.There are two things which have shaken our economy are Black Money & almost full controll of FII on our share market.They make the market dance arbitrarily at their instance causing immense suffering and huge loss to the traders especially the intraday or short term traders which count the maximum part of transaction.

This black money & the game of FII need to be curbed heavily and these P-Notes & treaty with Mauritious are the right and bold steps in this regard.

When an ordinary citizen is asked to submit his/her PAN,KYC,Voter I-card,AADHAAR etc for even a simple monetary transation in any bank then why these money-giants should be left out ?

They must remit the due tax to our govt as they remit everywhere in the world !

It is surprising to note that these things are not going to impact FII immediately but in a stepwise manner and the matter has been made absolutely clear and transparent. But actually the FIIs wanted to show their might and forced the market to fall.

All these new regulations to regulate investments and tax realizations will help the country in a great way thus these are actually welcome steps by the govt.

Now what about the loss made by the poor traders or even say short term investers/traders? When the govt charge different taxation in the transactions in share market then it has a moral duty to look after the wellbeing of its tax payers.Was it the right time to announce such steps? Was it the right & only way to announce? And lastly does the govt really bother about the common people? These are the questions which need proper answers otherwise instead of finding some ways or means to check the erratic,volatile & uncertain behaviour of the share market we are likely to fall prey to these game changers(FIIs & Black money users) !!



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