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HUL Q4 net profit up 7%, volume growth disappoints at 4%

HUL Q4 net profit up 7%, volume growth disappoints at 4%

HUL has posted net profit at Rs 1090 crore in January-March quarter, up 7.1 percent from Rs 1018 crore in corresponding quarter last fiscal. Total income in Q4 rose 3.5 percent at Rs 7946 crore against Rs 7675 crore in year-ago period. During the quarter, its EBITDA grew 11.4 percent at R 1467 crore against Rs 1317 crore while EBITDA margins stood at 18.5 percent versus 17.2 percent year-on-year.  However, volume growth of 4 percent (YoY) in the quarter was disapointing. Volume growth in the year-ago period was at 6 percent. According to Analysts poll, the FMCG major was seen reporting net profit at Rs 996 crore in Q4FY16, marginally down by 2 percent and revenue was expected to rise 4 percent at Rs 7990 crore on annual basis. Analysts polled hoping HUL to see volume growth of 5-6 percent in Q4. HUL said that lower input cost resulted in 240 basis points reduction in cost of goods sold. The company also added Q4 growth was impacted by phasing out of excise duty incentives.

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